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Society Registration

A society is a group of individuals with a collective interest towards a common goal.Societies are registered to promote charitable activities such as education, religion, music, art, culture etc.A society is registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860 which enforced rules for registration and functioning of such societies.

It is important for a society to have atleast 7 persons for incorporation. Indian citizens, foreigners, companies & other registered societies can also partake in formation of new society as members.A society can be unregistered too, but only a registered society is legally privileged to own and manage properties.State Governments are authorised to register societies and hence an application must be submitted to the State Government department and specifically to the office in the area where a society has decided to maintain its registered office.

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Documents Required for Public Limited Company Registration


Latest Passport size Color photograph of all the promoters (Shareholders and Directors)

Pan Card

PAN Card of all shareholders and Directors. Foreign nationals must provide a valid passport.

Identity Proof

Any of the following ID: Passport, Voter ID/Driving License of Shareholders and Directors.

Address Proof

Latest Bank Statement/Telephone Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill/Water Bill of Shareholders and Directors

Registered office Proof

Latest & Clear Telephone Bill/Electricity Bill/ /Water/Gas Bill of the registered office address

NOC from owner

No Objection Certificate from owner(s) of the premises of registered office.

Purpose of Society Registration

A Society Registration can be done for the development of fine arts, science, or literature or else for diffusion of purposeful knowledge or charitable purposes of political education. According to Section 20 of Society Act, 1860 a Society Registration for following purposes:

  • Promotion of fine arts
  • Diffusion of political education
  • Grant of charitable assistance
  • Promotion of science and literature
  • Creation of military orphan funds
  • Maintenance or foundation of galleries or public museum
  • Maintenance or foundation of reading rooms or libraries
  • Promotion or diffusion or instruction of useful knowledge

Once this is done, the registrar of societies will sign the first copy as acknowledgement and return it while keeping the second copy for approval. If everything is alright, an incorporation certificate along with a registration no. is issued and the society is officially registered.

Features of society Registration


Better recognition


Fundraising becomes easier


Tax exemption


Ensure better management


Ensure legal fencing against prejudice charges


Ensure nil risk exposure to member's properties

Process & Timeline for society Registration

Step 1

Submit the application

Submit the application along with the affidavit in a standard format with aforesaid documents to the concerned Registrar

Step 2

Draft a Memorandum

Draft a Memorandum of Association (MOA) and By-laws in the duplicate enclosing signature of three founding members

Step 3

Draft a Board Resolution

Draft, a Board Resolution, reflecting the consent of founding members for constituting the society

Step 4

Draft an affidavit

Draft an affidavit on stamp paper worth Rs 10 regarding the confirmation about the legitimacy of society’s name and address

Step 5

Make the payment

Make the payment regarding the registration

Frequently Asked Questions​

Following are eligible for subscribing the memorandum of society apart from individuals:

1. Foreigners
2. Company
3. Partnership Firm
4. Registered Society

Here are the following main components of a memorandum of association of a society:

a. Name of the Society
b. The object of the Society
c. Details of the seven or more members of the Society such as name, address etc.
d. Details of the registered office of the society

Following will be the rights of a member:

a. Right to vote
b. Right to receive notices & copies of the bye-laws
c. Right to receive a statement of accounts
d. Right to attend the general meeting of the society

Following procedure is required to be followed for the name change of the society:

1. For the name change, a general meeting shall be convened;
2. A resolution shall be passed by the majority of the members;
3. A notice regarding the name change shall be submitted with the registrar which must be signed by the secretary and the members of the society.

As per section 14 of the Society registration act, 1860 members are not entitled to receive profits.

A society is the aggregate of people living together with social interaction or sharing the same spatial territory subject to same authority.

The main purpose of society is to serve individuals (or a group within a society) needs for survival.

For Society registration, the establishing members must agree with the name of society first and then prepare the Memorandum, followed by Rules & Regulations of the society.

You can check Society Registration status on the official website of Municipal of Corporate Affairs.

An educational institution can be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. A society may be formed by an association of 7 or more persons as defined in section 20 of the Act.

A society can be formed by any seven or more persons associated for any literary, scientific or charitable purpose or for any purpose as described in Section 20 of Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Members of the same family cannot be member of society

Members as given in the memorandum shall be a person who has been admitted according to the rules and regulations of the society and have paid the subscription and signed the list of members.

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