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Recruiting Agent (RA) License

Recruiting Agent(RA) is an entity offering to provide, employment in any country or place outside India on behalf of the Employer. It is required that prospective applicants get themselves registered with the Overseas Employment Division of MEA. Once registration is approved by MEA the applicants are eligible to offer employment to Indian citizens through eMigrate.

To get registered as RA the applicants need to fill ‘Recruiting Agent Registration Form’. This form capture applicant’s basic details with respect to Administrative Details, Registrars of Companies(ROC) details, office details, Address of Jurisdiction Police Office, Financial details, Company turnover over the last five years.

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The applicant is required to upload the following documents :

Mandatory document for all applicants (Proprietorship, Partnership, Company)

Common to all :

Attestation Mandatory (from central or state Government gazetted officer) :

  1. Photograph of the Managing Director(MD)/Managing Partner(MP)/Proprietor.
  2. Copy of PAN Card of Agency/Proprietor, MD/MP/Directors/Partners.
  3. Copy of the Education Certificate of MD/ Mg. Part/Proprietor.
  4. Copy of the Education Certificate of MD/ Mg. Part/Proprietor.
  5. Copy of RC under Shop and Establishment Act.

Attestation Optional :

  1. Assets and liabilities Statement of MD/MP/Propriet or for last 3 years assessed by certified CA with membership number and address.
  2. Specimen signature of MD/Mg. Part/Proprietor duly attested by a Gazette officer.
  3. Blue Print of the layout plan of the office Duly signed and stamped by the government approved architect with registration and membership number.
  4. Valuation Report of Assets in office premise by a registered Valuer with registration number and membership number.
  5. Copy of Latest Land line Telephone Bill in the name of Agency.
  6. Trade Testing Certificate along with Photograph.
  7. Duly Notarized Affidavit that agency has not been involved in any recruitment business before.

Documents Required for Recruiting Agent (RA) License

  • Submit an application for becoming a Recruiting Agent in the prescribed format
  • Demand draft for Rs.25,000/- in favour of PAO, MAIO, New Delhi
  • Passport size photos of the promoters
  • Details of the promoters including business activity in the last five years
  • Certified specimen signature of the promoters
  • Asset and liability statement of the promoters
  • Income tax returns of the promoters
  • Degree certificate of the promoters
  • Bank guarantee

Recruiting Agent (RA) License Registration Govt Fee

For unlimited capacity:

RA can make a payment of Rs. 25000/- only through Payment -> RA Registration fee.

For the capacity of 100 recruitment:

RA can make a payment of Rs. 10000/- only through Payment -> RA Registration fee.

In case of company :

  1. Resolution (Acknowledged by ROC) passed to authorize one of the director to act as MD and to sign papers on behalf of the company.
  2. A copy of Memorandum of Association.
  3. A Copy of Articles of Association.
  4. A copy of the Certificate of registering the company.

In case of Partnership :

  1. Attested Copy of Partnership Deed.
  2. True Extracts from the registrar of firms in support of registration of the partnership deed.
  3. Resolution passed to authorize one of the partner to act as Mg. Part and to sign papers on behalf of the firm.

Conditional Mandatory document :

In case of partnership, company and if Balance sheet available selection is ‘Yes’:

  1. A copy of the balance sheet as at the close of the previous financial year.

If ‘Income Tax return not available for Company/Firm/ Proprietor/MD/ MG. Part/ Partners/ Directors’ selection is ‘yes’:

  1. Income tax return of Company/Firm/Proprietor, MD/Mg. Part, all directors/partners for last 3 years.

If the ownership of office is Leased/Rented :

  1. Registered and Notarised Lease/Rent agreement.
  2. Latest Lease/Rent Receipt.
  3. NOC from owner of office (if office is leased/ rented) on duly notarized affidavit.

If the office is owned :

  1. Ownership Deed/Proof of office premise.

In case UID is provided :

  1. Attested copy of Aadhar Card of Proprietor/ MD/Mg. Part,Directors/Partners

Documents required for renewal

  • Application Form for Renewal, duly filled in, in Form II A
  • Demand Draft of Rs 25,000/- in favor of ” Pay and Accounts Officer, Ministry of External Affairs” payable at New Delhi
  • Registration Certificate (in original)
  • Emigration Clearance Book (duly filled in and signed by the POE) ( in original)
  • Four passport size photographs of the Proprietor/Managing Partner/Managing Director, as the case may be, duly attested on the back side by a Gazetted Officer
  • PAN Number along with copy PAN Number along with copy
  • In case of delay in submission of the application, reasons for delay along with documentary evidence of hospitalization
  • Bank Guarantee Extension as applicable in the prescribed format having validity extended accordingly, excluding claim period of six months.
  • Certification by Practicing Chartered Accountant, along with his membership number, about total fixed assets as well as liquid assets of the applicants.
  • In case of new bank guarantee, proof of funds duly certified by a Practicing Chartered Accountant, along with his membership number.

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