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Registered Office Change - Company

A company can have other offices such as an administrative office, a corporate office, a branch office, and so on. However, only the registered office address should be notified to the MCA. No intimation to the RoC or MCA is required regarding the establishment or change of address of other offices belonging to the company.

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Types of change in a registered office 

  1. Within the same city 
  2. Within the same state and ROC 
  3. To other ROC in the same state 
  4. From one state to another and different ROC 

Change in the registered office within the same city

  1. The process to change the registered office in the same city is very simple.
  2. Firstly, the company must arrange a board meeting and pass a resolution about the same.
  3. The company needs to file a form INC22 with the MCA. It should be filed within 30 days of passing the board resolution.
  4. The utility bill for business address proof, NOC from the owner, and the rental agreement is the place is rented must be attached.

Change in the registered office within the same state and ROC

A company wants to shift the registered office from one city to another within the same state and ROC.

  1. A company has to arrange a board meeting and pass a resolution to call the extraordinary general meeting.
  2. By passing Special resolution in EGM, one can change the registered office.
  3. The company has to file the form INC-22 and MGT-14 with MCA. It must be filed within 30 days of the date of the resolution.
  4. The documents to be attached are special Resolution, Utility bill for business address proof, NOC from owner and rent agreement if the place is rented.

Change of address in the same state but different ROC

In Large states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu there are two registrars of companies. At times it may happen that when the address of the company is changed the ROC also changes. Hence, there is a different procedure when such change happens.

Change of address in another state

The procedure to shift the registered from one state to another is a bit different from others. The MOA of the company changes as the registered office address also changes.

    1. It is necessary to hold a board meeting and pass a resolution to call an extraordinary general meeting.
    2. A special resolution is to be passed in the EGM about the change in the address of the registered office as well as for altering the MOA. The resolution must be filed in MGT14 within 30 days with the MCA.
    3. The company has to publish an advertisement for shifting the office not more than 30 days before the date of application to the regional director. It should be published in at least vernacular or the regional newspaper and in an English newspaper.
    4. The company should also send a notice to the creditors and the debenture holders if there are any and to other regulatory bodies as applicable to the company.
    5. An application to the Regional Director should be filed for shifting the registered office along with the documents that are specified.
    6. In case an objection is received then there is a hearing with the Central government and necessary orders will be passed. If no objection is received, then the order will be passed without any hearing.
    7. The confirmation received from the RD to the ROCs is to be filed by the company within 30 days from the date of the order.
    8. Within 30 days it is necessary to file form INC-22 to the ROC with the required documents.

Documents Required for Registered Office Change in Company

Documents Required for Filing FormINC-22

New Address of Company for The Registered Address  Title document, If the new address is owned by the company, or Rent Agreement + Rent Receipt, of the new address, or Utility Bill of Premises & NOC From Owner of the new address Copy of the Board Resolutions for filing with ROC Certification by professionals (CA/CS/CMA) Filing of Form INC-22 with MCA Govt Fee

Process of Registered Address Change

New Address To Be Identified Execute Rent/Lease Agreement With Landlord Obtain NOC From The Address Owner
Board Meeting To Pass Resolutions Intimate ROC By Filing INC-22 Change In All Stationary & Sign Board

Process & Timeline for Change of Address

Step 1

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Step 2

Provide Necessary Details

Provide us with all the required information and documents.

Step 3

Document Verification

For further procedures, details provided by you will be verified.

Step 4

File Documents

we create your documents and file them with MCA.

Step 5

Your work is now completed

Once your Directors are added or changed, we send you all the documents and DSCs.

Frequently Asked Questions​

The registered office is the principal place of business, the registered office will be used for all the official communication.


Yes, the registered office of a company can be shifted from one place to another in the same state or from one state to another. It is a legal procedure that can be completed online.


It usually takes 2-4 working days to process the application form.


Form INC 22 and MGT 14 need to be filed with the ROC for changing the address of the company.

For change in the registered office of the company within the same city there is no requirement of any prior approval from the central government, however the board of directors must approve such changes and the company should file Form INC-22. However in case the shifting of the registered office is from one state to another then prior approval of the regional director having jurisdiction is required.

No, while changing the registered office in another city it is not necessary to give ad in the newspaper.

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