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Registrar Of Newspapers For India (RNI)

To establish a newspaper, periodical, or printed publications in India, the owners has to obtain an RNI registration from the Registrar of the Newspapers. RNI registration is essential for every newspaper, circular, magazine, or foreign publications.

For Obtaining RNI registration, it is essential to choose a consultant to make the process easier to secure RNI registration in India.

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Overview of RNI Registration

To set-up a newspaper, journal or printed publication, the owners are required to obtain an RNI registration from the Registrar of the Newspapers. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting controls frames rules for the RNI under the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867. Before starting a business of Paper, Publication, Journals, etc., the approval of RNI is required. The essential of RNI Registration are given below:-

  • Collection and also maintenance of a Register of Newspapers.
  • Issue of Certificate of Registration to the papers
  • Confirming circulation claims and also other non-statutory functions.

Who Requires RNI Registration?

Below-mentioned Publishers require RNI Registration, which are as follows:-

RNI Registration

Any Indian or Foreign entity entering into a Publishing sector in India would require RNI Registration. Also, any form of editorials and magazine publication would require RNI Registration.

What Responsibilities are Performed by RNI

Various responsibilities and functions are performed by the RNI. Below-mentioned is the list of the responsibilities carried out by RNI:-

  • Compliance and Management of a Registrar of Newspaper.
  • Issuing Certificate of Registration to a newspaper published under valid declaration.
  • Inspection and compliances of annual statements sent by the publishers of newspapers every year under the PRB Act.
  • Intimating the District Magistrates about the availability of titles, to aspire publishers for filing declaration.
  • Making sure that newspapers are published in accordance with the provisions of PRB Act 1867 and rules made thereunder.
  • Verification of circulation claims furnished by the publishers in their Annual statements.

What are the Basic Requisites for RNI Registration?

There are few things to be considered to adjudicate the basic requirements for RNI Registration, which are as follows:-

  • The name of the publisher
  • Printer
  • Editor and owner
  • Address of the place of publication
  • Name and address of the printing press
  • Issue number and Volume number
  • A remarkable display of title on the cover page and all pages
  • Date-mark and the Page number.

What are the Benefits Associated with RNI Registration for Journal Publication?

There are important benefits associated with the RNI Registration for Journal Publication, which are as follows:-

Benefits Associated with RNI Registration

What Documents are Required for RNI Registration?

The documents required for RNI Registration are given bellow:-

Before Registration

  • Title Verification Letter.
  • District Magistrate/Additional District Magistrate etc. must validate the declaration.
  • For No Foreign Tie-up, an affidavit should be duly signed by the Publisher duly Notarized.
  • A copy of the first issue of the newspaper publication brought.
  • Printer Agreement along with the copy of the printing press.

Documents Related To Company Or Proprietorship

  • COI, MOA, and AOA of the Company along with the details of the Directors.
  • In the case of Partnership Deed, a copy of the PAN Card is required. Also,the details of the Partners are required.
  • A copy of the Board resolution is required in the case of the Company.
  • ID and Address proof of Directors, Partners, and Proprietor.

After Registration

  • In February last, the first issue of publication should contain the duly filled Form No. IV which is a declaration regarding ownership and other details of the newspaper.
  • The 2nd mandatory compliance is related to the annual statement in FORM II(On or before the last day of May every year).

What is the Procedure for RNI Registration?

The RNI registration process has been divided into two parts-

RNI registration process

1. Verification Of Title

Before applying for RNI registration, the title of the Newspaper needs to be verified by the RNI. It is the very initial as well as the vital step for RNI Registration. The verification is done to assure the accessibility of the title and to stay resolved in the future. Once the verification is done, the potential individual or company can start the registration process which is as follows-

An application shall be submitted along with the requisite application-

  • Name of the newspaper along with the Owner’s Name.
  • Language in which the newspaper shall be published
  • Tenure.
  • Particulars of the area of Publication.

Certain Key Points Are Required To Be Followed While Applying–

A maximum of 5 options can be given for the title along with the significance of the title name.

The Words Which Cannot Be Used In The Title To Be Verified Are

  • Channel
  • Book
  • Abbreviation of words
  • Gazette
  • Religious overtones
  • Obscene language
  • Head of government functionaries

The particulars submitted to the concerned District Magistrate must be accurate. The District Magistrateverify these qualifications and forwards the application to the RNI. Accordingly, to alert the District Magistrate and author regarding the title accessibility, a letter of title authentication is issued by the RNI.

Before, releasing the newspaper, a declaration is required to be submitted by the publisher with the District Magistrate.RTI Confirmation can also be received online. Apply with the authentic information to the District Magistrate. Application and submission can be made both online and offline

2. Validation Of Declaration

After receiving the title confirmation letter from the RNI, it must be present to the respectiveauthority in addition to the appropriate Declaration (Form-I) for verification.

Separate declarations from both publishers as well as a printer are needed if the publisher, as well as printer, is different people. Once the declaration has been authenticated the first issue of the newspaper should be brought.

3. Publication

The PRB Act of 1867 states that-

  • The first issue needs to be added within 42 days of validation of affirmation if the periodicity of publication is on every day or regular basis.
  • If the periodicity is fortnightly or above, the first issue needs to be highlighted within 90 days of verification of affirmation. The publication must be printed in the press mentioned in the declaration.
  • In the situation of multiple language publications, the particulars, and articles, etc. need to be initiated in the languages stated.

4. Certificate Of Registration By RNI

If all the requisite steps duly comply and documentation is in place, the authority issues an RNI Certificate along with the registration.

Frequently Asked Questions​

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting frame the rules for the RNI as per the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867.

The RNI is entrusted with the Compilation and maintenance of a Register of Newspapers issued by the Press Registrar.

The RNI office was settled as a result of the suggestion of the First Press Commission which in its report submitted to the Government of India in 1954 had suggested the Constitution of a statutory authority responsible for the collection of reliable statistics regarding the Press in India.

The District Magistrate furnishes a copy of the declaration

Enter the Registration Number Minimum 2 and Maximum 15 characters required. Only letter, hyphens, and numbers are allowed.

Definitely Yes, there are various reasons why publishers decide to run an online magazine, as it helps in creating an extra revenue stream to further monetize content.

  • Register your publication for e-filing of Annual Statement at rniefiling.gov.in. Using the ‘New Registration’ option above-
  • Take a print-out of the template for the C.A. certificate form by Clicking here. However,C.A certificate is not required to take out the print of Publisher’s Declaration by Clicking here.
  • Fill the downloaded FORM duly signed by thePublisher and C.A.
  • Login into the e-filing application.
  • Upload the Publisher Declaration form.
  • Fill form “Form II” and “Annexure” (in case of daily publications) by using the Registration Number of the Publication and Password.
  • Take the print-out of the e-filed Annual Statement and keep it as a receipt for any future reference.
  • Verification of title
  • Authentication of declaration.
  • Publication of Volume.
  • Submission of Documents to RNI for Registration.
  • Proper Compliances.
  • Protection against 3rd Party claim.
  • Protection to the title.
  • Authentication and Recognition
  • Channel
  • Book
  • Abbreviation of words
  • Gazette
  • Religious overtones
  • Obscene language
  • Head of government functionaries

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